Ideas For the Circuit Clerk's Office

It's time for an upgrade in the Circuit Clerk's office. Here are some ideas for how to enhance the office of Circuit Clerk:

  1. Build a Kendall County Circuit Clerk’s Office Alexa app. Residents should be able to ask Alexa for publicly available information regarding the Clerk’s office. 

  2. Build a text message chatbot that allow Residents to communicate with intelligent applications via SMS. 

  3. Automate all of the repetitive processes that are currently done by Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents.

  4. Build a call center to reduce call times. Important to note: I’m not referring to a physical building, but a cloud based, virtual center.

  5. Build an Office of the Circuit Clerk mobile app for iOS and Android. 

  6. Overhaul the office technology infrastructure, and bring it up to modern standards.

  7. Twitter bot that tweets helpful information. An example is the Kendall County Covid-19 Tracker.

"It's time for an upgrade to the Circuit Clerk's office" - Ryan Kauffman, Candidate for Kendall County Circuit Clerk

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