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You're a busy person, and your time is valuable. You should not have to wait on hold when calling a government office. Artificially Intelligent bots should be able to answer most questions immediately. As Circuit Clerk, Ryan will build ChatBots that will allow anyone to communicate with intelligent applications at the Circuit Clerk's office via text message, voice, or the web.

However, there is no need to wait until Ryan is elected, you can message CirCy the ChatBot today, either by sending a text message that simply says "Hi" to 630-381-5557, or by clicking on the chat icon to the right. CirCy is LIVE and ready to answer your questions about the Circuit Court right now!


For example, you might want to ask CirCy what the phone number for the Circuit Clerk's office is, how to file a FOIA request, to give you directions to the Courthouse, or about your Jury Duty. 

CirCy is ready to help you!

"You should never have to wait on hold when calling a government office. My goal is to make waiting a thing of the past."

— Ryan Kauffman, Democratic Candidate for Kendall County Circuit Clerk

Ryan Kauffman For Kendall County Circuit Clerk

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