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Ryan is a dad, husband, son, public servant, and volunteer. He and his wife, Kristin, have two children, Dylan and Kennedy. Ryan works for a bank, and Kristin is an elementary school Teacher. They've lived in Oswego for more than a decade and love calling it home.

Having volunteered for the West Suburban Humane Society, P.A.D.S., among other service organizations, as well as organized book drives for underprivileged schools, Ryan is passionate about service to others. In 2014, he was appointed to the Police Commission for Oswego, where he took part in the hiring of several exceptional Police Officers to the Oswego Police Department. After serving with with the Police Commission, Ryan was elected to Oswego Village Board, where he served as Trustee for four years. As Trustee, Ryan is proud to have been part of the team, under former President Gail Johnson's uncommon leadership, that got the new Oswego Police Department built, and growth catalyzed in Oswego's downtown. The new Police Department stands as testament to the transparency of local government, as well as the comfort that Oswego Residents can take in knowing that Oswego Police are on the job. 

In private life, Ryan has been fortunate to have a successful career in banking. Currently, he works as a Senior Consultant, in the Business Process Analysis group. He has a passion for writing computer code, and writes code in five languages. When he's not working, or serving the public, you can usually find him trying to get his toddlers to wear pants. A battle he frequently loses.

Ryan holds an an MBA with a specialization in finance, and undergraduate degrees in Finance and Economics from North Central College in Naperville. 


"At the bank, I take processes apart and put them back together so that they are more efficient than when I found them. Building efficiency is how I add value for our Stakeholders, and that's what I intend to do for the Residents of Kendall County."

— Ryan Kauffman, Democratic Candidate for Kendall County Circuit Clerk

"I'm stepping up to bring the Circuit Clerk's office into the 21st century. We can increase the transparency of the office, and the efficiency at the same time. It's time to make the Kendall County Circuit Clerk's office the best in the state.

— Ryan Kauffman, Democratic Candidate for Kendall County Circuit Clerk

Ryan Kauffman For Kendall County Circuit Clerk

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